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EIDA (Emirates Identity Authority)

Everything you need to know about your Emirates ID:

Important Note: All information stated has been quoted from the source Emirates Identity Authority Official website


Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is an independent federal authority established by virtue of the federal decree No. (2) of 2004. The decree has empowered the Authority with ultimate powers required for the execution of the Population Register and the ID card program.

Emirates ID card is launched with a vision of completing the registration of all the population in the country in the population register system, so it can build an accurate, comprehensive and modern population database.

Emirates ID card will be the prime ID required to avail all medical, governmental or financial services in the UAE. Our Emirates ID service includes first time registration and renewal.

Documents Required

UAE Nationals:

  1. Original valid passport
  2. Original family book
  3. Expired ID Card

GCC Nationals:

  1. Original valid passport
  2. UAE residence document (valid employment certificate, real estate lease or ownership contract, commercial license, school registration certificate, certificate of dependency, valid marriage contract or an employment card)
  3. Expired ID Card


  1. Original valid passport
  2. Residence or entry visa
  3. Expired ID Card

Children below 15:

  1. Documents required for each group
  2. Colored passport-size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) photo with white background
  3. For children below 15 years photograph mandatory (Passport size, white or light blue background, no borders).
    size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) - Attaching Birth Certificate to All Applications that are less than 15
  4. The specifications of the birth certificate are: - Height: 2328 Pixels - Width: 1652 Pixels - Resolution: 200
  5. In case of unavailability of birth certificate, applicant can attach one of the following:
    • Father´s Passport including the required pages to be able to derive the father´s full name
    • Father´s Residency for residents / expats
    • Father´s Entry Permit for expats
    • Father´s Emirates ID front and back side

(The expired ID card must be shown at the typing center at the time of renewal).



Issuance and renewal of ID card for UAE citizens and GCC nationals (five years) AED 100
Issuance and renewal of ID card for residents (for each year of residence) AED 100
Issuance of a replacement for the damaged or lost card AED 300
Emirates ID Service Fee AED 40
CKGS Registration Service Fee AED 30
  1. The above fees apply to all age groups.
  2. People exempted from fees (people under the Social Security Code - People with disabilities and autism).
  3. Services not included in fees exemption are mobile vehicle service and urgent service.

Registration Delay Fees for All people in the UAE

Delay in registration or issuance of the ID Card AED 20 per day, Maximum AED 1000


Few easy step to register with CKGS

  • Download and fill Emirates ID application form.
  • Call us or email us your enquiries and one of our customer relation officer's will get in touch with you.
  • Call 800 - CKGS(2547) or
  • We assist corporate customers for group applications.

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